here is a listing of English language books and magazines published in recent years which you can seek out to learn more about the technical aspects of Supermarionation. This is by no means an all inclusive listing of everything that was published in the English language on the subject of Supermarionation. Such a list would be enormous. It is merely a listing of those more readily available resources which cover or covered the technical aspects of Supermarionation to a more or less satisfactory degree. This listing is very subjective, however, I can honestly state that at least 75% of my vast knowledge of the subject of Supermarionation came from reading these resources alone! Therefore, this reading list should be an excellent start for anyone who wants to learn more about the technical aspects of Supermarionation.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models magazine, published seven times per year, frequently covers how to make accurate replicas of Supermarionation vehicle models. One of this magazine's regular contributors is Martin Bower, the man who actually made most of the studio models used in the Space 1999 television series and who also made many of the replica Supermarionation vehicles featured in various museum exhibitions and the recent Fleetways Anderson comics.

To subscribe to Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models magazine from North America, contact Charles Many at To subscribe to this fine publication from elsewhere in the world, contact Mike Reccia at Contact these two gentlemen for current subscription rates for your area. Back issues are available.

Science Fiction Modeler magazine is another fine publication for people interested in special effects miniatures. It comes out three times per year. Nearly every issue of this magazine has featured Supermarionation related material and one issue was actually 'devoted' to the works of the Andersons a few years ago.

To subscribe to Science Fiction Modeler magazine from North America, contact Charles Many at To subscribe to this fine publication from anywhere else in the world, contact Greg Martin at Ask Charles or Greg for the current subscription rates for your area. Back issues are available.

Cover of Meddings' 21st Century Visions

In 1993 Dragon's World Limited in England published a superb book entitled 21 Century Visions by Derek Meddings and Sam Mitchell. This book is the official biography of Supermarionation special effects genius Derek Meddings. It is a profusely illustrated and informative large-format paperback which includes such things as behind the scenes photographs and examples of production artwork. This book can probably still be obtained by telephone mail order from

Engale Marketing,
332 Lytham Road
Blackpool, Lancashire
England FY4 IDW,
phone 025348321.

Ask to speak to David Nightingale. Ask David about the availability of this book and if he can't get it for you, ask him to refer you to someone who can get it for you. 21 Century Visions is a fantastic book!

SIG magazine and Century 21 magazine are out of print publications which were completely devoted to the works of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. SIG was published from 1981 to 1988 and Century 21 was published from 1988 to 1994. Both magazines were published by David Nightingale of Engale Marketing. Century 21 was basically an extremely enhanced SIG magazine.

Both magazines featured extremely in-depth coverage of all aspects of Supermarionation, including many, many interviews with the people who actually made the miniatures and produced the effects. Although SIG and Century 21 are long out of print, David Nightingale may still have back issues available through Engale Marketing. Contact the above mentioned address for more information.

Fanderson is the official Gerry Anderson fan club. They publish an informative little magazine called FAB six times per year. FAB covers all aspects of Supermarionation and frequently features interviews with the people who made Supermarionation work. A subscription to FAB is part of the Fanderson membership package. Check their web site for more details.

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