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United Asian Republic VIP Transport Jet

United Asian Republic Jet
This aircraft was used by the Director General of the United Asian Republic in Winged Assassin.
It would appear that at least two of these models were made, probably of wood. One was destroyed at the climax of Winged Assassin and the other was reused as an airport background aircraft in a number of Captain Scarlet episodes.
Note the model's landing gear. As aircraft models like this often had to be operated on the rolling runway or dragged along airfield taxiway sets, the wheels had to rotate. Typically, strong wire was used for the landing gear struts and the wheels came from plastic model aircraft kits or from Matchbox toys. The landing gear was often merely pushed into small holes in the fuselage of the model aircraft so that they could be removed to simulate gear retraction.


The DT19 was a large commercial airliner featured in Winged Assassin. In this episode, the aircraft was made to crash into the Atlantic Ocean by the Mysterons and then recreated under their control to be used as a flying booby trap.
The DT19 appears to have been a one-of-a-kind model which was made from wood. Lettering was made from Letraset dry transfers and automobile striping tape was used for the various trim lines.
Trivia note: this Captain Scarlet model was used in a famous TV21 photo of the Tracy Island Thunderbird 2 runway set.

Colonel White's Helijet

Colonel White's Helijet
This is the helijet which was used to take an incognito Colonel White to a mid ocean rendezvous with a World Navy Clam class submarine in White as Snow. This helijet is a familiar sight in Thunderbirds as it was used in a number of episodes. In fact, it also appeared in at least one episode of Joe 90 later on.
This helijet model appears to have been based upon some kind of helicopter toy or kit. It looks a lot like a Boeing-Vertol helicopter but the overall shape is not quite right. It is possible that the helijet's fuselage was made entirely by hand and it only resembles a Boeing-Vertol twin rotor helicopter by chance! No matter how the basic fuselage was made, the model was detailed with a variety of kit parts. For example, the forward fins were made from Hawk 'Husky' helicopter kit parts and the rear fins were made from F-104 'Starfighter' parts.

Commandeered Helicopter

Commandeered Helicopter
This civilian helicopter was commandeered by undercover Spectrum pilots Destiny and Symphony in Model Spy.
This miniature was made from parts from a number of different plastic model kits. The main body came from a Hawk 'Husky' helicopter kit. The tail is the forward fuselage of an F-4 'Phantom' kit which has been turned upside down combined with F-4 stabilizer fins. The pontoons are bombs from a B-58 'Hustler' kit.
This same model, or an identical duplicate, was used for the medevac helicopter seen in Place of the Angels and a few other episodes of Captain Scarlet. The Hawk 'Husky' helicopter was a popular kit with the Supermarionation model makers. One of it's most attractive features was that it came with a battery operated rotor motorization kit.

Medevac Helicopter

Medevac Helicopter
This helicopter was used to take Captains Scarlet and Blue to Cloudbase in Place of the Angels when it was feared that the two men had been exposed to the K-14 disease organism. This may be the same helicopter model flown by Destiny and Symphony in Model Spy with a different paint scheme or it may be an exact duplicate.
This miniature was made from parts from a number of different plastic model kits. The main body came from a Hawk 'Husky' helicopter kit. The tail is the forward fuselage of an F-4 'Phantom' kit which has been turned upside down combined with F-4 stabilizer fins. The pontoons are bombs from a B-58 'Hustler' kit.

Disinfectant Helicopter

Disinfectant Helicopter
This helicopter is spraying a powerful disinfectant over an area thought to be contaminated by a synthetic disease organism in Place of the Angels.
Two of these models were made for use in the Thunderbirds Are Go cinema film. They were later used in Captain Scarlet. The models appear to have been made from wood with kit part details. For example, plastic B-58 'Hustler' engine pod parts can be seen on the landing skids. The large transparent cockpit canopies were made from thermoformed plastic. Don't ask me how the rotors were motorized as the rotor housing seems too small to hide an electric motor and the wings seem too thin to hide a network of shafts and gears!

Seneca Helicopter

Seneca Helicopter
The Seneca Company used a fleet of remote controlled helicopters to carry construction materials and supplies around the Expo 2068 work site in Expo 2068. One of these helicopters was hijacked by Captain Black and used to ferry a critical nuclear reactor to the Expo 2068 site.
This is yet another hand-made wooden model which features motorized rotors. Small horizontal wire rods were positioned over the rotors for the model's four-point wire suspension system.

J-17 Interceptor Jet

This J-17 interceptor jet was stolen from Base Concord by Space Major Reeves in Renegade Rocket.
This is a true Captain Scarlet rarity, a miniature aircraft made entirely from plastic model kit parts. What we have here is somebody's 'Mirage 3' plastic model kit which has been altered with additional kit fuel tanks on the nose, wingtips, and tail fin plus a few other kit parts.

Flight 104 Airliner

Flight 104
Captains Scarlet and Blue, and Dr. Conrad are on their way to a Spectrum conference in Geneva, Switzerland on board Flight 104 in Flight 104. Somehow, the airliner is taken over by the Mysterons, putting our heroes in great peril!
This is yet another one-of-a-kind model which appears to have been made out of wood for the most part. There are no significant features to this model. It is a very simple wooden shape with trim stripe tape markings and pull-out landing gear.

Judith Chapman's Airliner

This commercial airliner was used by Mysteron agent Judith Chapman to evade Spectrum in Place of the Angels. This classic and long-used model started off in Thunderbirds as the RTL-2 rocket transporter seen in The Cham-Cham.
This one-of-a-kind model appears to have been made from wood. Actually, the fuselage appears to have been made from a pair of wooden dowels. The model is decorated with trim lines made from automobile striping tape.
Trivia note: this model in its original RTL-2 form was shot with Stingray for a famous series of photographs used in the TV21 comic.

World Air Force Bomber

WAF Bomber
This World Air Force bomber was used by Captains Blue and Ochre to bomb the World Navy's Atlantica Base. This is of course the same model used as the Thunderbirds RTL-2 jet in The Cham-Cham and as Judith Chapman's airliner in Place of the Angels.
For use in Place of the Angels, the model lost its tail assembly and was redecorated. The old horizontal stabilizer was split into two parts and one half was positioned on each wingtip. The jet engines were also moved closer to the wingtips. Note the large exposed bombs placed under the fuselage.

Tribune Newspaper Jet

Tribune Jet
The jet under Angel escort is being flown by a Mysteron agent named Brand who was formerly a reporter for the Tribune newspaper.
The Tribune jet appears to have been made from wood. The Tribune lettering was made using Letraset dry transfer lettering.

The Magnacopter

The World Air Force 'Magnacopter' was used to take a group of senior military officers from Cloudbase to a conference held in a Scottish castle in The Trap.
This appears to be another wooden model. Note that the landing skids appear to have been made from wooden dowels and the cockpit appears to have been taken from some kind of plastic helicopter kit.

Gabriel Carney's Model Airplane

Model Airplane
Mysteron electronics expert Gabriel Carney used this radio controlled model airplane in an effort to fool the Spectrum radar systems protecting the Triumvirate of Europe in Codename Europa.
This appears to be a modified Monogram Piper Tri-Pacer plastic model kit. It started off as the Hood's aircraft in the Thunderbirds episode Martian Invasion and may have even been used as far back as the first episode of Supercar.


This World Air Force staff aircraft was featured in The Trap. It was also seen very briefly in Model Spy.
This model was made for the most part from wood. Trim lines were made from automotive striping tape. The clear cockpit canopy was made from acetate plastic.

XK-107 Nuclear Bomber

The XK-107 is a nuclear armed bomber prototype which is being tested by the World Air Force at Slaton Airbase in Treble Cross.
This one-of-a-kind model appears to have been made from wood and has a clear canopy robbed from a plastic model aircraft kit. Trim lines were made with automobile striping tape and the numerals on the wings were made using Letraset dry transfer lettering.

Mysteronized Angel Jet

Mysteron Jet
This scene here from Seek and Destroy shows an Angel Jet with a difference. The difference being that it is in the hands of the Mysterons!
This is nothing more than a standard fiberglass Angel Jet model, one of at least three that were built new and painted gray for use in Seek and Destroy. Why the gray coloring? Well, the Mysterons destroyed three new Angel Jets which had been crated up for delivery just prior to flight testing and final painting in Spectrum markings. Thus, when the Mysterons recreated the destroyed jets, they were recreated in the slightly incomplete, primer painted form that they were in before they had been destroyed!
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