Captain Scarlet

ships and submarines

Marc J. Frattasio

Base Concord Launch

Base Concord Launch
This military launch was used to take Space Major Reeves to Base Concord in Renegade Rocket.
This miniature boat appears to have been made from a slightly modified plastic torpedo boat toy or kit. The same model was used in the background of a seaport scene in Model Spy. It may also have been reused as a background model in Joe 90.

Background Boats

Here are a group of small boats at anchor in Model Spy.
What we have here are a variety of model kit and toy based boat miniatures. Note the boat off in the background with the black hull and yellow superstructure. This is the same boat that was used to take Space Major Reeves to Base Concord in Renegade Rocket. The model boats seen here are in a number of differing sizes to simulate more separation between the boats than there actually is in the water tank.

André Verdain's Boat

Colonel White's Helijet
This is fashion designer (and Spectrum spy) André Verdain's yacht as seen in Model Spy.
This model probably had a wooden hull and a superstructure which was made from thin artist's board. It was detailed with a number of cast metal commercial model boat fittings. Note the several smaller scale boat models in the background, placed there to give an impression of great distance between Verdain's boat and the shoreline.

The President Roberts

The President Roberts
Here is the new atomic liner President Roberts on the day of its launching. The President Roberts was targeted for destruction by the Mysterons in The Launching.
This elaborately carved miniature was made for the most part out of wood. Note the numerous cranes positioned around the model ship. These were all made from parts taken from Airfix model railroad bridge and crane kits. The model trucks and cars positioned around the model ship appear to be Dinky, Corgi, or Matchbox die cast toys. Note that different sized cars and trucks were used to simulate distance and perspective!

Clam Class Submarine

Clam Sub
This World Navy Clam class nuclear submarine was used by Colonel White in White as Snow.
This wooden model was built for the Thunderbirds episode Atlantic Inferno. Not only does this model show up in White as Snow, but it can also be seen in the background of Atlantica Base in Flight to Atlantica and it was later used in an episode or two of Joe 90.

Criminal Minisub

This camouflaged minisub was used by a pair of criminals to break into a Spectrum information center vault in Heart of New York.
The criminal's minisub model is very difficult to see. However, from the general shape it appears as if it was made from some kind of plastic automobile kit. Also, you can just barely make out what appear to be automobile tail fins and wheels.
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