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Martian Excursion Vehicle

Here is the vehicle that started the war of nerves with the Mysterons during the first episode of Captain Scarlet. The MEV was of course recycled from the Thunderbirds Are Go feature film.
The MEV model seen here was probably made from wood. It had tracks on the bottom, probably from the Japanese 'MS-58 Missile Tank' or 'M-1 Tank' battery operated toy. However, it seems that just the tracks were used, not the motor mechanism, as this model looks like it is being pulled along a wire. The MEV model has a Jetex pyrotechnic motor installed underneath it to blow up clouds of Fuller's Earth to simulate Mars dust. The interior is illuminated.

XK-3 Rocket

XK3 Rocket
The XK-3 rocket was used to take Captains Scarlet and Blue and Lt. Green on a trip to the moon in Lunarville 7.
This model appears to have been a simple turned wooden shape. The model was probably filmed upside down to make the exhaust flame appear to shoot straight downwards. The exhaust flame and smoke of model rockets that were filmed the 'proper' way often curled upwards, ruining the effect. Thus, rockets like this were often filmed upside down in Captain Scarlet.

XK-3 Moon Lander

This is the XK-3 moon lander used by Captains Scarlet and Blue and Lt. Green on their mission to the Lunarville 7 moonbase in Lunarville 7.
This appears to have been a simple wooden model which was detailed with kit parts and other small shapes. The landing gear legs seem to have been made from plastic model railroad truss bridge parts. Spacecraft models such as this were often covered with panel detailing which was made from adhesive tape.

Moon Hopper

Moon Hopper
The unusual moon hopper was featured in Lunarville 7 and Crater 101. I would think that hopping around over great distances would not be the most attractive way to travel, but what do I know?
This is a wooden model that has metal landing gear. There is a Jetex pyrotechnic motor installed underneath the model to raise clouds of Fuller's Earth dust on the moonscape sets. Note the cargo pod. This was attached to the model for Crater 101. It is supposed to contain the Spectrum team's lunar tank. Apparently stock footage of the moon hopper from Lunarville 7 was used in Crater 101 and in those scenes, the moon hopper does not have it's cargo pod!
Trivia note: the Captain Scarlet moon hopper probably inspired the similar SHADO moon mobiles featured in UFO.

Captain Scarlet's Lunar Tank

Captain Scarlet's Lunar Tank
Here is Captain Scarlet's lunar tank as seen in Crater 101. Note the small plasticine model of Lt. Green in space suit bending down to look at the tracks.
This is another model that was built on top of the battery operated tracks and mechanism of the Japanese 'MS-58 Missile Tank' or 'M-1 Tank' toy. The superstructure is wood. Note all the various kit parts that cover the structure of this mode. Visible are aircraft fuel tanks, torpedoes, and bits from the Airfix SRN-1 hovercraft kit.

Mysteron Lunar Tank

Moon Tank
This lunar tank was used by a Mysteron agent to plant a nuclear bomb at the Mysteron complex featured in Crater 101.
The lunar tank model was based upon the Remco 'Tiger Joe' battery operated toy tank. A new superstructure and operating crane have been added to the toy. The basic shape of the lunar tank has been detailed with various plastic kit parts.
Trivia note: That domed structure behind the lunar tank was actually the large scale section of the Phobos camera satellite featured in The Shadow of Fear.

Mysteron Automated Construction Vehicle Mobile Control Unit

Mysteron Moon Vehicle
This strange looking thing is a computerized mobile control vehicle used by the Mysterons to direct the operation of various automated construction vehicles engaged in building a Mysteron complex on the surface of the moon in Crater 101.
This model seems to have been based upon a photographic spotlight reflector. Various bits and pieces from who-knows-where have been stuck to the basic shape. A Jetex pyrotechnic motor was fitted to the underside to raise clouds of Fuller's Earth 'moon dust'. Note the 'springy' wire antennae!

Automated Mysteron Lunar Construction Vehicle

Mysteron Lunar Construction Vehicle
This is one of the automated lunar construction vehicles used by the Mysterons in Crater 101'.
At least two of these strange looking Mysteron things were made. They were probably based upon some kind of decorative plastic sphere or hemisphere with plastic and wire parts added. A Jetex pyrotechnic motor was fitted to the underside to raise a cloud of Fuller's Earth 'moon dust'.

Mysteron Flying Saucer

Mysteron Flying Saucer
The Mysterons came to Earth in glowing flying saucers to attack Spectrum's headquarters in Attack on Cloudbase.
A number of these glowing flying saucer models were made, and no two were exactly alike. They seem to have been made from clear plastic dinner plates and vaguely egg shaped things which were also made from clear plastic. The saucers were detailed with automotive striping tape. Some of the saucer models had metal 'towers' on top and others didn't. The saucers were illuminated with internal lights which may have been fed electricity through the thin metal control wires.

Decoy Satellite

Mars Satellite
This large decoy satellite was used by Spectrum to divert the attention of the Mysterons away from a much smaller camera satellite vehicle in The Shadow of Fear.
Very little for sure can be said about this model. It was probably made from a combination of wood, plastic kit parts, and plastic toy parts. Note the large painted backdrop behind the model.

Minisat Payload Shroud

Minisat Payload Shroud
This is the payload shroud that protected the Spectrum minisat camera satellite lander that was placed on the Martian moon Phobos in The Shadow of Fear. In this episode, Spectrum plotted a special Earth to Mars trajectory that kept the space vehicle between Mars and the Martian moon Phobos so that the Mysterons were unable to detect it until after it had landed on Phobos.
This small hollow model appears to have been made from a couple of plastic bottles or other some other kind of plastic household containers.

Minisat Camera Satellite Lander

Camera Satellite
This is the minisat camera lander that was landed on the Martian moon Phobos by Spectrum in The Shadow of Fear. With the minisat camera safely on Phobos, Spectrum expected to get full photographic coverage of Mysteron activity on Mars as Phobos circled the red planet.
At least two of these Phobos minisat camera lander models were made, a large version and a small version. Plus, a large scale camera dome section was made too. The Phobos minisat camera lander appears to have been made out of wood and a variety of plastic bits and pieces.


The SKR-4 spacecraft was featured in Inferno.
This model appears to have been made from a number of hollow plastic shapes to which various bits and pieces were stuck for detailing. The front end, for example, appears to have been taken from Revell's Vostok Russian spacecraft plastic kit. This model is covered with panel details made from bits of adhesive tape.


Here is the TVR-17 radio station satellite featured in White as Snow. Note the Mysteron rings. The TVR-17 has been caught here in the process of Mysteronization!
This model appears to have been made from a number of hollow plastic shapes. It's hollow nature is revealed when it is blown apart. The model was sprayed with gold paint and was covered with black automobile striping tape.

CB-29 Rocket

This CB-29 rocket was used by Dr. Linda Nolan, the controller of Lunarville 7, to warn Captain Scarlet and his Spectrum team of a Mysteron nuclear booby trap in Crater 101.
This is a simple model which was made from turned wooden shapes. The model was covered with panel details made from adhesive tape bits.
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