The models of Stingray

Alien submarines

Marc J. Frattasio

Terror fish

Terror Fish
Here is one of Titan's mechanical fish submarines. The actual mechanical fish models had articulated, segmented, cardboard bodies and plaster heads. The mouths and tails were movable. These models were very crude but as they were always filmed behind a thin fish tank filled with tinted water, they did not have to be highly detailed. Mechanical fish were seen in the Stingray pilot, Plant of Doom, Count Down, The Man from the Navy and many other episodes.

X20's submarine

X20's Submarine
Titan's surface agent X20 used this small submarine, which was kept hidden under the Island of Lemoy. The actual model was made using a Revell Bell X-5 variable geometry research aircraft kit. Extra fins were added and the holes where the wings were supposed to fit were filled with what appear to have been aircraft external fuel tanks. Sometimes this model appears on screen with ventral fins, other times it does not. X20's submarine was seen in Plant of Doom, Echo of Danger, Rescue from the Skies and many other episodes.

The Solarstar missile ejector submarine

Missile Ejector Submarine
This is the missile ejector submarine from the underwater city of Solarstar as seen in The Big Gun. It looks like two 12 to 14 inch models were made from a combination of balsa wood and plastic kit parts. However, it may be that only one model was built and this was provided with different markings on each side to simulate two submarines. A large section was built for scenes showing the gun turret being elevated out of the water into firing position. All models were destroyed during filming.

Gaddus' submarine

Gaddus Submarine
Here is the submarine used by Gaddus in Hostages of the Deep. It looks as if this model was made from a variety of different store bought shapes and kit parts including the hull of a sailing ship, aircraft fins or wings, and some B-58 'Hustler' jet engines and a fuel tank/weapon pod. It is possible that some components (like the circular shape at the front) used to make this model were recycled from the alien spaceships seen in the Fireball XL5 episode Invasion Earth.

Yellow submarine

Yellow Submarine
There was a yellow submarine featured in a couple of Stingray episodes long before the Beatles song and animated film. This hostile submarine design was seen in Ghost of the Sea and Invisible Enemy. It was another simple balsa wood model with plastic aircraft kit fins added for detail. This 10 to 14 inch model was later converted into the 'Hepcat' submarine featured in Raptures of the Deep.

Ghost ship submarine

Ghost Ship Submarine
Here is something you don't see every day, a hostile submarine disguised as an old Spanish Galleon! This thing is exactly what it appears to be, a wooden sailing ship model like those made by Bliss Marine. It seems likely that two different sized models were made, a small model (seen here) which was filmed behind the fish tank, and a larger more detailed model that was filmed in the ocean surface tank. These are the exact same Galleon models that were featured in Set Sail for Danger.

Magnetic tug

Magnetic Tug
Here is the strange magnetic tug submarine that was used by professor Cordo to replace Stingray with a non-functional replica in Trapped in the Depths. This 10 inch model appears to have been made from various wooden shapes and kit parts that were attached to a hollow tube hull. The top of this model would have had some kind of removable hatch installed to permit access the mechanism that operated the working tow line.

Pink Ice submarine

Pink Ice Submarine
This is the mysterious enemy submarine from Pink Ice caught in the act of releasing it's chemical ice weapon. This 10 to 12 inch model appears to have been made from balsa wood, a plastic or rubber ball, and a variety of plastic kit shapes. It looks like the landing legs or whatever they are at the bottom of the model were made from AA or AAA electric batteries.

Sea of Oil submarine

Sea of Oil Submarine
This is the underwater alien submarine featured in Sea of Oil. The 12 inch model was made from an F-102 'Delta Dagger' kit (probably Revell's) with the first stage of an Atlas rocket kit and part of a Redstone rocket kit attached to the end. Note that the F-102 wings have been attached upside down.

Titan's personal underwater craft

Titan's Personal Underwater Craft
Here is Titan's personal underwater craft as seen in The Golden Sea. Not the most sophisticated model used in Stingray, it appears to have been made from a plastic or rubber ball mounted on top of an actual Scallop shell.

Mystery submarine

Mystery Submarine
This is the mystery submarine featured in A Christmas to Remember. This model appears to have been built using some kind of plastic ship kit's hull, various aircraft kit drop tanks, fins from several B-58 'Hustler' kits, and balsa wood.

Missile submarine

Missile Submarine
The missile submarine was featured in A Nut for Marineville. This model was made from a combination of balsa wood, tubing, and kit parts. It looks like part of this model's tail assembly was salvaged from the Pink Ice submarine.
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