The models of Stingray

Surface ships

Marc J. Frattasio


The FD7 (floating dock #7) was the mother ship for the B1 gold mining bathyscaph featured in The Golden Sea. It was about 48 inches long. Like most of the model ships featured in Stingray, the FD7 was made mainly from balsa wood with kit part details. Note the Airfix HO/OO scale model railway bridges used to make the gantry cranes.


This is the old museum piece featured in Set Sail for Danger. Of course, this one of the wooden ship models seen in The Ghost Ship. This model appears to have been built from a wooden sailing ship display model, like those made by James Bliss Marine.

Gunboat Wadi

The El-Hudatvian gunboat Wadi was featured in Star of the East. This detailed model was reused throughout Stingray and appeared later on in harbor scenes in Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90.

Pink Ice ship

Pink Ice Ship
This is the freighter seen in Pink Ice. Note the ice field in which the ship is stuck. This 'ice' is nothing more than pink tinted pieces of styrofoam packing material. This ship model may have been reused (and destroyed) in the Thunderbirds episode Edge of Impact.


Here is the robot freighter, Shanandoa, as seen run aground on rocks and breaking up in The Cool Caveman. The large freighter ship models used in Stingray, like this one, seem to have had hulls that were built from thin sheets of balsa wood.

Target destroyer

Target Destroyer
This is the radio controlled destroyer that was used as a test target for the gunboat Wadi in Star of the East. In the scene in which this model is destroyed, you can clearly see that the hull is made up of solid balsa wood shapes.

Target freighter

Target Freighter
This is the radio controlled freighter that was used as a test target by the gunboat Wadi in Star of the East.

Oil tow boat

Oil Tow Boat
Here is the tow boat used to haul the string of modular oil containers seen in An Echo of Danger. The tow boat was made from balsa wood and kit parts. The oil containers appear to have been made using sealed plastic pipe segments connected together with flexible cloth diaphragms.

Disused freighters

Disused Freighters
These disused freighters were prepared for disposal at sea in The Disappearing Ships. A standard Stingray freighter design, these models were made from balsa wood with kit details.
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