The models of Stingray


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APF1 was the aircraft used to take El-Hudatvian leader Ali Kali to Marineville in Eastern Eclipse. This is a very crude balsa wood model in the style of an early first world war biplane. The aircraft's designation 'APF1', was a spoof on APF, the name of the Andersons' production company.

WASP Arrowhead jet

WASP Arrowhead Jet
WASP Arrowhead interceptor jets were featured in Pink Ice, The Cool Caveman and Rescue from the Skies. These models were made from Aurora Northrop F-5 'Freedom Fighter' kits. At least one of these models was later reused in Thunderbirds in Impostors.

WASP Spearhead jet

WASP Spearhead Jet
The WASP Spearhead jets are used as bombers, transports, and surveillance platforms. They were featured in the Stingray pilot episode, A Nut For Marineville, Pink Ice and Emergency Marineville. The Spearhead jets were made from Revell Convair B-58 'Hustler' kits. Several Spearhead jets were later reused in Thunderbirds. They can be seen in airport scenes in Trapped in the Sky and Edge of Impact.

WASP helicopter

WASP Helicopter
The WASP helicopter is used to transport important personnel over short distances. This model was made from a Hawk Kaman 'Huskie' kit. The WASP helicopter was seen in Pink Ice and Titan Goes Pop.

WSP remote control freight airliner

This is the remote control freight airliner that was fired upon and destroyed by the renegade El-Hudatvian gunboat Wadi in Star of the East. This model was made from a Revell B-58 'Hustler' kit and is similar in many respects to the common WASP 'Spearhead' jets.
This is the model which is seen exploding on film. Note that this is not the same model aircraft shown above! Indeed, it appears to have been a standard WASP Spearhead jet which had the top fin engine removed and replaced over the left wing to make it resemble the WSP remote control freight airliner. It looks like a second take was required after the 'star' model was destroyed and a quick stand-in had to be constructed using one of the many WASP Spearhead jets in the prop room.

Supersonic 101 airliner

Supersonic 101 Airliner
The Supersonic 101 Airliner was seen in Eastern Eclipse and The Lighthouse Dwellers. This model was based upon the Aurora Boeing 727 airliner kit. Basically, it was constructed according to the kit's instructions except that a new canard surface was attached to the nose. This model was reused in several Thunderbirds episodes (such as Trapped in the Sky) as an airport background prop.

Vertical takeoff jetmaster

Vertical Takeoff Jetmaster
The Vertical Takeoff Jetmaster was seen in Eastern Eclipse. This model was based upon the Aurora Boeing 707 airliner kit. Basically, it was constructed according to the kit's instructions except that the outboard engines were attached to the back of the fuselage. Like the Supersonic 101 Airliner, the VTOL Jetmaster was later reused in several episodes of Thunderbirds as an airport background prop.

Wadi target aircraft

Wadi Target Aircraft
These two radio controlled jets were shot down by the El-Hudatvian gunboat Wadi in Star of the East. The models appear to be unmodified Airfix Blackburn 'Buccaneer' kits.
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