The models of Stingray

Ground vehicles

Marc J. Frattasio

Heavy transport truck

Heavy Transport Truck
This heavy transport truck was used to carry Stingray overland in The Loch Ness Monster. The model was made from balsa wood with plastic kit part details and rubber wheels of the type used with radio control airplanes.


This tractor was used to haul Stingray over a dam in In Search of the Tajmanon. This appears to be a modification of a battery operated toy tractor, the same kind of toy used in the Fireball XL5 episode The Granatoid Tanks. Note the Airfix HO/OO scale model railroad bridge parts used to make the crane model in the background.


Here is an ambulance parked in front of the Marineville hospital as seen in Set Sail for Danger. This appears to be a slightly modified Chevrolet or Ford pick-up truck kit.

Troy Tempest's car

Troy Tempest's Car
Troy Tempest's car was seen in a number of Stingray episodes including Tune of Danger and The Man from the Navy. It was made from balsa wood with toy car wheels added to the bottom. This model actually started off as Venus' flying car from Fireball XL5. In some episodes of Stingray this model has wheels. In other episodes (possibly early ones), it does not.

Marineville rocket disposal unit vehicles

Marineville Rocket Disposal Unit Vehicles
Here is the Marineville rocket disposal unit in action as seen in Emergency Marineville and Count Down. The gray crane truck at left was made from balsa wood with kit and toy details. The white ambulance at right was made from a Chevrolet or Ford 1/24th scale pick-up truck kit. Just visible behind the ambulance is a yellow vehicle made from a 1/24th scale pick up truck kit with B-58 'Hustler' kit jet engine pod details.

Marineville car control vehicles

Marineville Car Control Vehicles
This group of vehicles can be seen parked at the Marineville car control parking lot in several Stingray episodes including the pilot. These are all 1/24th scale American car and truck kits (probably mostly AMT). Note that the two tone blue car at left was built back-to-front. This means that the back of the car has been altered so that it appears to be the front of the car! Note the position of the front radiator grille and headlight group over the rear bumper and the position of the radio antenna.

WASP hover scooter

WASP Hover Scooter
Here is the WASP hover scooter seen in Titan Goes Pop. This simple balsa wood model was later reused as a mobile fog generator in the Thunderbirds episode Martian Invasion.
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