The models of Stingray


Marc J. Frattasio

WASP hydromic missiles

WASP Hydromic Missiles
The WASP hydromic ballistic missiles are an important component of the Marineville defense system. The missiles were made from balsa wood and the launchers came from the Revell or Monogram Redstone missile kit.

WASP underwater interceptors

WASP Underwater Interceptors
The WASP underwater interceptors are used to defend the approaches to the Marineville ocean door. These models were made from Airfix 'Bloodhound' missile kits.

WASP interceptors

WASP Interceptors
WASP interceptors, surface to air missiles, are concealed in numerous underground launch silos scattered around the perimeter of Marineville. The models were made from balsa wood.

Underwater alien missile

Underwater Alien Missile
This is the standard water to surface missile design used by those underwater alien races allied with Titanica. Missiles like this were seen in Emergency Marineville and Count Down. This model appears to have been made from tubing and balsa wood. The ribbed conical adapter section behind the missile's nosecone may have been a gear from a battery operated toy.

World navy underwater missile

World Navy Underwater Missile
This is the underwater guided missile tested by the World Navy in The Man from the Navy. The model appears to be a large aircraft kit external fuel tank detailed with plastic drinking straw segments. The same prop was used for the volcano city defense system seen in Deep Heat. Note the titanium tetra chloride smoke trail.
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