The models of Stingray

WASP airforce

Marc J. Frattasio

stingray introduced a global military organization called the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. The World Aquanaut Security Patrol, or wasp, was originally organized to protect waterborne commerce and explore the oceans. When the crew of the wasp submarine Stingray revealed the existance of hostile undersea races, the World Aquanaut Security Patrol's primary mission became that of defense against Titan and his undersea allies. As it is a global military organization, the World Aquanaut Security Patrol requires various aircraft to perform combat and support missions. Five different kinds of wasp aircraft were featured in the Stingray television series. For reasons of economy, special effects supervisor Derek Meddings chose to base these aircraft upon inexpensive plastic model kits. Here are the aircraft of the wasp Air Force.

Spearhead jet

WASP Spearhead Jet
The wasp Spearhead jets are used for patrol and attack. They were based upon the Revell Convair B-58 Hustler jet bomber kit. Basically, the B-58 kits were constructed in accordance with the kit's plans except that three engines were positioned on the vertical stabiliser and a new canard fin was attached to the nose. These aircraft are featured in the titles of every Stingray episode as well as in the Stingray pilot episode, Emergency Marineville, Pink Ice, and A Nut For Marineville. One of these jets appeared as a background prop in airfields seen in the Thunderbirds episodes Trapped in the Sky and Edge of Impact.

WASP helicopter

WASP Helicopter
The wasp helicopter is used to transport high ranking staff officers and other vips between the Marineville airfield and the Marineville headquarters building. The wasp helicopter is acually a modified Hawk Kaman Huskie kit. One of the least modified kits featured in a Supermarionation series, the Hawk Huskie was built essentially in accordance with the kit's plans except that the small skids were left off the wheels, only one rotor and rotor shroud was installed, and a small fin was attached to the top of the exhaust pipe. The wasp helicopter was featured in Pink Ice and Titan Goes Pop.

Supersonic 101 airliner

WASP Supersonic 101 Airliner
The Supersonic 101 Airliner is a standard wasp transport jet. It was based upon an unknown (probably Aurora) Boeing 727 airliner kit. Another simple to replicate Stingray miniature, the 727 was modified through the application of a swept-back canard on the nose. This model was featured in Star of the East and The Lighthouse Dwellers. This model later appeared as an airport background prop in the Thunderbirds episodes Trapped in the Sky and Edge of Impact.

Remote controlled freight airliner

WSP Remote Controlled Freight Airliner
An aircraft of the wasp's parent organization, the World Security Patrol, remote controlled freight airliners are used to transport cargo on pre-programmed trans-oceanic flight paths. This is another Revell B-58 kit based miniature. It differs from the wasp Spearhead jet in that an engine is positioned over each wing (like the Fireball XL5 SL 6 supersonic airliner featured in Space City Special) and a swept back horizontal stabilizer was positioned at the top of the tail fin. This model was featured in Star of the East.

Arrowhead jet

Arrowhead Jet
The Arrowhead jets are used as interceptor aircraft. They appear to have been based upon the Aurora F-105 Freedom Fighter kit. Another simple conversion, the Arrowheads were made by swapping the positions of the horizontal stabilizers and wings, by placing a pair of bombs near the center of gravity, and by placing the jet intake inlet parts below the fuselage. These aircraft were seen in A Nut for Marineville, Pink Ice, Rescue from the Skies and The Cool Caveman. One of these models was used in the Thunderbirds episode The Impostors.
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