The models of Fireball XL5

Ground vehicles

Marc J. Frattasio


Jetmobiles are flying motorbikes. Several of these things were constructed in at least two different sizes. Two of the puppet sized ones are seen here. Others were made much smaller for use in far off shots or in scenes with a large scale Fireball Junior model. These models were made from balsa wood. The Andersons used these things to keep their hero puppets from having to walk around while on various planetary excursions. It is very difficult to make puppets walk realistically!

Venus' Flying Car

Flying Car
Dr. Venus' flying car, seen in Wings of Danger and other episodes of Fireball XL5, was made in two different sizes. There was a puppet sized version and a much smaller one (shown here). Both models were made from wood and both of them were later reused in Stingray.

Fire Truck

Fire Truck
This odd looking flying fire truck, seen in A Day in the Life of a Space General, appears to have been made using a variety of toy fire truck parts.

Granatoid Tanks

Granitoid Tanks
The Granatoid Tanks, operated by hostile alien robots, were featured in The Granatoid Tanks. These appear to have been made out of battery operated toy tanks covered with kit parts and other things. The toy tank undercarriage used to make the Granatoid Tanks was also used in Stingray to make the tow tractor seen in In Search of the Tajmanon.
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