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Marc J. Frattasio

SL 6 Supersonic Airliner

SL 6
Here is the SL 6 supersonic airliner featured in Space City Special. This model was made from a Lindberg B-58 'Hustler' jet bomber kit. It is possible that two different models were made, one in 'normal' configuration and one in the 'landing' configuration with engines pointed downwards. One of the models was destroyed in The Firefighters.

Robot Freighter 7

Robot Freighter 7
Robot freighter 7 (an automated computer controlled ship), as seen in The Robot Freighter Mystery, was similar though not identical to the ships featured in Space Pirates. The front of this model was made from a golf ball and the cylinderical body of the ship was covered with external fuel tanks and other aircraft kit parts.

Robot Freighter 8

Robot Freighter 8
Robot freighter 8 (another un-manned computer controlled ship) was also featured in The Robot Freighter Mystery. Once again, this is a near standard Fireball XL5 freight ship design nearly identical to Robot Freighter 7 with the addition of a pair of B-58 'Hustler' aircraft kit engines on top of the fuselage.
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