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Episode Listing

  1. Pom Pom and the toys
  2. Topsy-turvy land
  3. Torchy and Squish
  4. The building of Frutown
  5. Torchy and the broken racket
  6. King Dithers
  7. Torchy goes back to Earth
  8. Bossy Boots goes to Topsy-turvy land
  9. Bossy Boots is taught a lesson
  10. A bell for the Penny Farthing
  11. A trick on Pom Pom
  12. Torchy is stolen
  13. King Dithers loses his crown
  14. Pilliwig gets a present
  15. Bad boy Bogey
  16. Torchy and the strange animal
  17. Bossy Boots forgets to be good
  18. The hungry money box
  19. The naughty twins
  20. The twins learn a lesson
  21. King Dithers goes down to Earth
  22. Torchy is saved at last
  23. Torchy and the Man in the Moon
  24. Bogey and the statues
  25. The moon falls asleep
  26. Torchy's birthday