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Episode Listing

  1. Twizzle and Footso
  2. Twizzle and Footso get caught
  3. Twizzle saves the doll
  4. The break down van
  5. Footso is stolen
  6. Twizzle and the golliwog
  7. Jiffy and Chawky quarrel
  8. Footso disappears
  9. Twizzle and the broken down toy
  10. Twizzle builds stray town
  11. A flag for stray town
  12. Jiffy's new house
  13. Twizzle and Footso go fruit picking
  14. Twizzle has some fun
  15. Twizzle and candy floss open a cake shop
  16. Twizzle saves the broken down toys
  17. Twizzle gets lost
  18. Jiffy opens a barber shop
  19. Another racing car
  20. Twizzle and his friends go to the circus
  21. Toys go to school
  22. Bouncy the ball
  23. Jack in the box
  24. Twizzle catches cold
  25. The naughty girl
  26. Jiffy's new twigs
  27. Twizzle and the snow man
  28. Twizzle and the thin teddy bear
  29. The lazy broomstick man
  30. Twizzle and polly moppet
  31. Footso and the magic seeds
  32. Jiffy and polly moppet quarrel
  33. Footso gets a new tail
  34. Twizzle is naughty
  35. Twizzle is stolen
  36. Chawky gets a present
  37. Twizzle and the toy inspector
  38. Twizzle and the naughty breakdown van
  39. Orange and banana tree
  40. Jiffy's birthday
  41. Polly Moppet disappears
  42. Naughty Polly Moppet
  43. Footso and the naughty girl
  44. Straytown thief
  45. Twizzle papers the cabin
  46. Twizzle and Footso go camping
  47. Twizzle goes to the seaside
  48. Twizzle goes to the fair
  49. Twizzle goes fishing
  50. Twizzle goes to the zoo
  51. Candy Floss's birthday
  52. Footso has a tootache