fact sheet
Name: Jock Campbell
Function: Chief engineer
Date of birth: September 6th, 2018
Age: 49
Series: Fireball XL5
Voice artist: unk.
Source: Century 21 Magazine #11

John 'Jock' Campbell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and following a technical college education joined Universal Engineering Incorporated, the world's largest engineering firm, in 2036.

His work in the design and development department on the new Fireball XL patrol ships won him recognition by the World Space Patrol, UEI's largest customer, in 2047 following an outstanding track record with the company.

Campbell was offered the position of Chief Engineer at Space City which he took up when the base was opened in 2048. He became famous for his dedication and skill and is highly respected by his team of engineers.

Campbell retains his Scottish accent and is proud to wear a kilt and show his prowess with the bagpipes whenever the opportunity arises.

His one failing is his prejudice towards women.