Merchandise Guide

Compiled by Brad Newman
header art by Graham Bleathman
with additions by J. Lester Novros II
Activity set Magic Wand, ?
Annuals 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 Wm. Collins & Sons Co. Ltd. UK
text features in TV21 annuals 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968 & 1969 City Magazines/Century 21
Badge Zoom icecream, Lyons Maid, UK, 1963
Badge wallet ?, ?
Bagatelle Louis Marx & Co.
Bendy miniatures Steve Zodiac & Venus on jet mobiles Newfield Ltd.
Dot to dot
Picture Quiz
Wm. Collins & Sons Co. Ltd. UK
cutout coloring book Golden Funtime
Little Golden Book Golden Press
picture puzzle book ?, ?
Cards Sweet cigarettes, two series totalling 52 cards Como Confectionary Products Ltd. UK, 1963
Comics Steve Zodiac and the Fireball XL5, one issue Gold Key, USA
TV Comic plus Summer & Holiday Specials 1962, 1963, 1964 TV Publications Ltd.
TV21, TV21 Summer Extra City Magazines Ltd. UK
Children's ride jetmobile Harle Peel Ltd.
Decoder Zoom agent special code Lyons Maid, UK
Dolls paper dolls Magic Wand, ?
Games card game Ariel Productions Ltd. UK, 1964
boardgame Milton Bradley
dartgame Magic Wand, ?
Guns Rocket gun, fires suction tipped rockets J. & R. Randall Ltd.
Steve Zodiac space gun, water pistol Graham Brothers/Fairylite 1963
Steve Zodiac space gun ?, ?
Home Movies Planet 46
Convict in Space
The Firefighters
Std. & Super 8 B & W
400ft sound, 200/50ft silent
Walton Sound & Film Services
The Day the Earth Froze
XL5 to H20
The Sun Temple
Std. & Super 8 B & W
200ft sound, 200/50ft silent
Flight to Danger
Dramatic Landing
Std. & Super 8 B & W
200ft sound, 200/50ft silent
Pyramid for Dixon's
Space Vacation 400ft sound, 200/50ft silent ?, ?
Jigsaws Venus Finds a Lazoon
Take-off Zero Minus Five
Towerpress/S. Guiterman & Co. UK
frame puzzle ?, ?
Lucky bags Como Confectionary Products Ltd.
Lunchbox set consists of lunchbox and thermos bottle King-Seeley
Magic Box Bell Toys Ltd.
Model Kit Fireball XL5 Kitmaster [for Lyon's Maid Ices]
Playsuit D. Dekker Ltd., UK 1963
Projector Give-a-show Chad Valley Co. Ltd.
Jollyfilm Viewer Peak Films Productions 1963
For more extensive [and possibly more accurate] information on Barry Gray's music on vinyl and CD, read his discography
Journey to the Moon ( version A (EP R001), version B, (EP MA100) TV21 Themes, (EP MA105) Century 21 Records
The World of Tomorrow featuring Journey to the Moon, (LP LA1)
Zero G/Fireball, by Barry Gray & His Spacemakers, vocal by Gerry Grant Melodisc 45-1591 1962
Fireball XL5/I'm all alone again, Don Spencer HMV POP 1087
XL5 (Zero G)/Caviar, the XL5 HMV POP 1148
EPFireball/I'm all alone again by Don Spencer, XL5 (Zero G)/Caviare by The XL5 HMV 7EG 8802, 1963
Fireball XL5/Fandango, instrumental by the Flee-Rekkers Piccadilly 7N 35109
Sheet music David Toff Music Publishing Co. 1962
Slides Two sets of 35mm colour, five slides per set Walton Sound & Film Services
set of 5 for use with their projector Chad Valley
Slippers Bacup Shoe Company Ltd.
Snowstorms Fireball XL5 in Space
Venus and Fireball Junior
Randall & Wood 'Linda' Ltd.
Spacemaker kit Plastic wallet containing Fireball XL5 colour slide with special magnifier and holder, Spacemaker badge made up of the Supercar Wings and plastic medallion with secret pocket for magnifier A.P. Films Merchandising
String puppets 9" Steve Zodiac & Venus Cecil Coleman
12" Steve Zodiac, Venus & Professor Matthew Mathic Pelham Puppets
Fireball XL5 Fairylite
20" Fireball XL5 MPC
Fireball XL5 Galaxy Patrol MPC
Space City toy set, a combination of MPC's 20" Fireball XL5 and the Galaxy Patrol set MPC
12" Fireball XL5 with Steve Zodiac on parachute J Rosenthal Toys Ltd/Quercetti 1963
cardboard Fireball XL5, gift in issue 3 of TV21 City Magazines Ltd.
friction motor jetmobile with jet scream
friction motor jetmobile with Steve Zodiac or Venus
Graham Brothers/Fairylite 1963
friction motor jetmobile with Steve Zodiac Golden Gate 1964
Transfers S. Guiterman & Company Ltd.
Steve Zodiac wallet ?, ?
Wonder Slate Bell Toys Ltd.
Zoonie the Lazoon Zoonie riding on a pull-along XL5
Zoonie vinyl squeeze toy
Fairchild Plastics Ltd.
This compilation ©1982 Brad Newman,
header art Graham Bleathman
published originally in Supermarionation Is Go! #6
images sourced from the eBay, Destiny One, Metropolis Toys, Vectis Auctions, and Moonbase Central websites