fact sheet
Josef Dmitri Ninety (Nineski
Name: Josef Dmitri Ninety (Nineski)
Rank: Lieutenant
Date of birth: January 7th, 2039
Age: 28
Series: Fireball XL5
Voice artist: unk.
Source: Century 21 Magazine #11

Josef Dmitri Nineski was born in Katania, the seaport capital of Bereznik. The Nineski family managed to defect into the West in 2045 and settled down in San Francisco, USA where they changed their name to Ninety.

Ninety joined the World Space Patrol in 2060 after graduating from university with degrees in neutroni communications and data management.

He was promoted to lieutenant in 2062 and became Commander Zero's assistant in the control tower at Space City. Ninety won his astronauts' wings in a blaze of glory early in 2063 but still remains a sub controller. He hopes to soon pass his degree course in practical designing and become a Bachelor of Space, with subsequent promotion to full controller. He has flown a number of rescue missions as co-pilot of Fireball XL1, which have him invaluable space flight experience, and is thought highly of by Commander Zero.