fact sheet
Robert the Robot
Name: Robert the Robot
Status: Fireball XL5 co-pilot
Year of activation: early 2062
Age: 5
Series: Fireball XL5
Voice artist: Gerry Anderson
Source: Century 21 Magazine #11

Robert the Robot was constructed by Professor Matthew Matic at the XL Projects Workshops, Space City, early in 2062 and was Earth's most advanced mechanical man. His outer shell is made of transparent vladium (also known as labinium) and he is able to carry out virtually any instructions given him, which he will repeat in a monotone electronic voice. Robert's positronic brain allows him to take independent action as required and he records all events within his range of his scanners for possible analysis at a later date.

He has a tendency to 'blow his top' if conflicting commands are given, i.e. Robert's circuits become confused and overheat causing his coolant to expand and be released through a valve in his head as vapour. If this continues for any length of time he will collapse and need rechar­ging. Robert became the co-pilot of Fireball XL5 soon after he was built and proved invaluable on many occasions where a human pilot would have lost control of the ship.

He has the strength of four men and is absolutely tireless.