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An A.P. Films Production In Association with ATV for ITC World-Wide Distribution
©1961 A.P. Films and ATV

Production Team

Produced By
Gerry Anderson
Associate Producer
Reg Hill
Production Supervisor
David Elliott
Script Supervision
Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Director of Photography
John Read
Art Director
Bob Bell
Special Effects
Derek Meddings
Special Effects & Lighting
Ted Woolridge
Camera Operator
Paddy Seale & Julien Lugrin
Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted
Barry Gray
Title Music Arranged by
Charles Blackwell
Don Spencer
David Lane
Sound Editor
John Peverill
Sound Recording
Maurice Askew & John Taylor
Sound Effects
Soundfex Ltd.
John Blundall
Puppeteers (Including manipulators,
makers, wardrobe &c.)
Christine Glanville, Mary Turner,
Yvonne Hunter, Elisabeth Coleman,
Judith Shutt, Eddie Hunter, John Brown,
Phyllis Fisher, Carolyn Turner,
Wolfgang Manthey
Arriflex Cameras
Rank Kalee
Back & Front Projection
Walterdaw Cinema Supplies
Rewinders, Synchronizers &c.
Photographic Electrical Ltd.
Film Developed By
Kay Laboratories

Voice Artists

Steve Zodiac
Paul Maxwell
Professor Matic
David Graham
Sylvia Anderson
Robert The Robot
Gerry Anderson
Commander Zero
John Bluthal
Lieut. Ninety
David Graham
David Graham