Fireball XL5 cutaway drawing
Astrodome houses telescopes and other instruments
used for sightings and observations
Professor Matic's domain — the navigation bay
Main computer bay — each control point has its own smaller
computers, but can switch into the main computer for very
complex problems
Space jail
Laboratory — here Venus synthesizes the food supply and controls
the ship's air conditioning; immediately forward is the sick bay
Spacious lounge — despite Fireball's terrific speed the journeys
it makes to other galaxies sometimes last months; the lounge,
therefore, has been designed for comfort so that the crew can
relax from the often tedious daily routine
Hydroponics room — in here plants are grown in chemicals,
they are used to help purify the air in the ship, a process
whereby plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out
Ribbed surface removes excess
engine heat and disperses it
into space
Generators and auxiliaries
Outer boosters housed in fuel tank fin — these help
in steering the ship when used independently
Extra boosters
Atomics bay
Main engines
Control cabin with main instrument panel
Robert the Robot — pilots the ship if fed instructions
Airlock to jetmobile bay
Jetmoblie exit hatch
Starboard cubicles containing stores and
spare equipment, armoury and workshop
Jetmobile bay
Rest room — used if nose-cone makes long stay on planet
Service area for first aid, food preparation and laboratory work
Oxygen store
Missile bay — carries interceptors
and various additional missiles
Double skin hull, comprised of an outer skin for meteor
protection and an inner wall of fuel tanks
Retro-rockets and positioning jets are
placed at intervals around the hull
Boosters set in fuel fins
Casing and end-grille removed to show heat dispersal units
Entrance to telescopic tunnel — this connects the
two parts of XL5; its heatproof walls keep it cool
when it is extended through the blast chamber
Atomics bay
Blast chamber, showing fuel injection
nozzles, cooling rings, pumps and servos
Port leg retracted — also one on starboard and one
under the nose to form a tricycle undercarriage

Technical specifications published originally in TV21 1966 annual

Fireball XL5 blueprint
Phil Rae's Fireball XL5 blueprint published originally in SIG #6
©1982 Philip D. Rae
Fireball Junior
Fireball Junior
Fireball Junior with landing gear down. It can land independently of the Space ship.
Fireball XL5 side elevation
Side elevation
Fireball XL5 front elevation
Front elevation
Fireball XL5 rear elevation
Rear elevation
Fireball XL5 plan
jetmobile front
Front elevation
jetmobile rear
Rear elevation
jetmobile plan
jetmobile side
Side elevation

Elevations published originally in Fireball XL5 model sheet

Fireball XL5
Technical Specifications
name: Fireball XL5
designer: Reg Hill