fact sheet
Zoonie the Lazoon
Name: Zoonie the Lazoon
Function: XL5 mascot
Date of birth: unk. (prior to may 2062)
Age: unk.
Series: Fireball XL5
Voice artist: David Graham
Source: Century 21 Magazine #11

Zoonie the Lazoon was born somewhere on the planet Colevio, in a star system many light years from Earth.

Colevio had become too warm for its native lazoons which had promoted their lazy tendencies to such a degree that they hardly bothered to breed. The humanoids on a neigh­bouring planet had admired the natural beauty of Colevio for centuries and wished to migrate there – but could not do so until all the lazoons were extinct because the creatures produced an allergy within the humanoids which culminated in a trance-like state if close contact occurred.

In order to speed up the process of moving to Colevio and give the lazoons a chance of survival, the humanoids sent fully automated spaceships to round up the lazoons and take them to cooler more suitable worlds. One planet 'seeded' with lazoons was Zanadu and another was Earth – they were left in the Himalayan mountains where they helped fuel the legends of the Yeti until they were finally tracked down in 2005. In 2061 the humanoids were certain that no more lazoons were left on Colevio therefore migra­tion began. They built a beautiful automated city in remarkably short time then discovered that one lazoon had escaped their attention and still lived. He walked into the city and the new Colevians fell into unconsciousness – their city eventually grinding to a halt. Luckily the World Space Patrol had detected the activity within the Colevian star system and Fireball XL5 was sent to investigate in May 2062. Dr. Venus managed to revive one of the humanoids and discovered what had happened. He asked Venus to take the last Colevian lazoon back to Earth and thus release his people from their enforced sleep.

Venus loved the lazy creature at first sight and took him as her pet naming him Zoonie. She soon convinced Steve Zodiac to allow the lazoon to accompany her aboard XL5 and Zoonie's powers of mimicry and semi-telepathic abilities have helped save the day on more than one occasion.